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Consulting on How to Startup an e-Business

It is time to Start your business

Your head is full of ideas and you talk about being an e-entrepreneur, but you haven’t yet started your business.

How many people do you know like this? Are you one of them?

Too many aspiring entrepreneurs get trapped in business startup procrastination as they spend their time reading business books, analyzing case studies, and hanging out in entrepreneurs forums.

Despite everything you learn, without actually doing anything you’re just wasting your time.

What we propose you is to guide you on testing your business idea,  so you can know if your idea gets traction and you will get familiar with essential analytics KPI.
What you will learn in this consulting session

  • Do customers need your solution?
  • How to come up with three business names
  • Build your landing pages
  • Focus on your landing pages
  • Figure out what the data means

With our help, our clients have:

  • Tripled the prices they charge for their products while increasing sales
  • Built new businesses from scratch in under one month
  • Developed products that have brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Avoided catastrophic mistakes that could have cost them hundreds or thousand of dollars

Ready To Start?

  • Describe your business or creative project
  • What are your goals for your business or creative project?
  • What specific questions do you need answered during your consulting session?
  • Once these 3 questions are answered, Contact us


“Your consulting sessions are sincerely great, your slides are clear and straight to the point, you are focusing to my business needs. I think the eMarketing World through your consulting is fascinating!” – Sebastien C.

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